Speaking Topics

Inspirational, Motivational & ‘How-To’ Speeches, Workshops and Seminars With Debbie Mayo-Smith, One of Australia & New Zealand’s Favourite Woman Speakers

All can be presented from 45 to 90 minutes or as 1/2 – full day workshops

How You Get More Done In Less Timeafgjpg_2

A fun, ‘wow’ inspiring session. A cornucopia of little tweaks covering how to use software, smartphones, cloud and social media to make huge time savings.

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How To Be More Memorable and Persuasive

Whether talking to a client; a staff member; interviewing a potential employee or just entertaining around the dinner table you could benefit greatly by knowing and using essential secrets for’ persuasive discussions’ and selling.

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Winning Presentations, Proposals, Conversations

Learn how to craft communications to achieve your goals
Debbie is normally one of the highest ranking speakers at any conference she speaks at. With over 225 under her belt over the past three years, you know her secret to getting the message across isn’t just pushing a button for the next PowerPoint slide.

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Email: Easing Your Pain. Enhancing Your Gainemail_overload

How much time do you waste in your inbox? Reading emails, answering them and of course fuming over the spam.
Debbie will show tricks that can save a phenomenal amount of time as well as turning staff into Masters of communication, client service, sales and marketing.

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More Time. More Income. Delighted Clients

A three ingredient recipe to cheaply, easily effectively free up two to four working weeks a year, improve value add and significantly boost revenues/profits.

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Marketing In Today’s Unwired World

2015 is definitely the year to work smarter and not harder. To prosper in still challenging times.
You’ll learn the good, bad and the ugly of social media as well as how to work your database to skyrocket business income and customer satisfaction.

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Secrets to High Performance and Soaring Sales

Objective: how to be more focused and successful as business owners, managers and in sales
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Living The Life Your Love: Work Life Balancesantorini

Are you living the life you love?
Debbie Mayo-Smith is similar to your group. A parent. A partner. Totally involved with business. Debbie’s achievement is that as a mother with six young children (including twins and triplets), she started a business from scratch, grew it to a 6 figure annual income, built an enviable international reputation, wrote best selling books (sixteen in total) – all in a short timeframe and on a miniscule budget.
Debbie will inspire, entertain and make you laugh and think. But more importantly she’ll share the secrets to successfully balancing the 1001 pulls on time without dropping the ball.