Syndicated Articles

Newsletter or Website Content. In-house, Journal or Periodical Short, Long or Quick Tip Articles. Or a Monthly Online Newsletter written, designed and packaged ready to go?

Why reinvent the wheel or pull your hair out trying to dream up or write interesting ‘what’s in it for the reader’ content for your online newsletter, website or magazine? Want to do an online newsletter for your business but don’t have the time?

If you feel you have an audience that would enjoy an informal yet succinct writing style. Content that directly helps improve current business and personal problems. How-to articles and tips clearly outlined and with step by step instructions. Interesting stories and case studies with a message, then we can help.

Scrapbooker & co; Brad Kapma
“I always look forward to reading your emails. I find them very useful and extremely practical, in particular I like the way you explain things step by step in a very clear manner. And the information you supply is actually useful!”

Topics Available

  • Improving sales and marketing – t tips and strategy
  • Business development tips and strategy
  • Succession planning – building a more profitable business
  • Squeezing more time from your hour
  • Customer service
  • Database marketing tips
  • Improving efficiency and time management tips
  • Tips on improving productivity
  • Great Microsoft Office short cuts
  • Search engine strategy tips
  • Google tips
  • Quick tips
  • Email tips
  • Networking tips
  • Internet/e-business
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting

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If you would like a quote for providing articles; or would like to use one from my newsletter – please send an email to Debbie or go to our newsletter sign up form.