15 Business Changing Words

Many years ago, if you were in the audience, you would have heard an Australian speaker – Winston Marsh tell a group of self employed professionals to ‘be a better marketer of what you do, than a doer of what you do.’ He went on to explain that you can be the best in your business – best agent, best accountant, best travel broker, but if no one knows about you – what good is it.

While I don’t subscribe to being a better marketer than practitioner of your chosen profession, there is no doubt that most could be more successful by simply being better at promoting their businesses.

The cheapest, easiest way to do this is to Keep a database and communicate communicate, communicate.

Never let any of your clients or prospects ‘go’. With all the work you do to create great customer service, marketing, advertising (if any) why waste the money and time and not keep a database to bring business back or keep the lines of communication open until they are ready to return or refer? A database can be your number one business asset – well next to your hands and mind of course. Communicate via email newsletters, social media or have an online blog that will resonate with your customer’s problems.