Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith

Vol 18 No #158 – 24 January 2019


  1. Google Maps – Your Own Layer
  2. iPhone Tip
  3. Android Camera Trick
  4. Small Group Training
  5. When Delete Means Delete – Outlook
  6. Sections In PowerPoint

1. Google Maps – Your Own Layer

Planning a trip? Want to visualise where your customers and prospects are located? See how successful your advertising is?You might not know that you can create your own “data map” incorporated into Google Maps. It’s as simple as uploading an Excel sheet of data to Google Maps (my Maps). If your sheet has 7 locations each with 12 columns of data – it will create 7 drop pins. When one is clicked it will show you the 12 pieces of information. From planning a European holiday and mapping your hotel bookings, to visualising the location of your clients – to showing where your company locations are – you can create a Google Map layer and either keep it private or share it (via a URL).

All you need is a google account. You go to Google Maps, From the menu select My Places > Maps > Create A Map

Here’s the how-to from Google to give you all the ins and outs.

2. iPhone Tip – Use Siri to Make Lists

Instead of jotting down a to-do list manually on your iPhone; or adding another item to a list; use Siri. Either use your Hey Siri feature or tap the home button to activate Siri and give the command. For example you can say “Siri, add set up a meeting with Debbie Mayo-Smith to my To Do list.” Or “Siri, add coffee and Flax seeds to my weekly shopping list.” Siri will add items to your existing lists, create Notes, and more.

3. Android Camera Trick – Get to your camera in a flash

Two or three seconds can make a huge difference between a great shot and a miss, can’t it?

So here’s a quick tip you probably don’t know. Double-tap your phone power button to instantly open the camera, whether your display is on or not.

This works on many popular Android phones

  • Samsung Galaxy (pre-2017 models, use the physical Home button instead of the power button)
  • Many HTC’s recent phones
  • Google Pixel
  • LG phones have this shortcut as the volume-down button
  • Motorola uses a double twist motion

4. Small Group Training

I’m going to be in these cities on the following dates and can easily run a small group customised in-house productivity workshop for you. Don’t miss out on this lovely opportunity as availability is very limited.

Email Now

  • Sydney 7-9 & 27-28 February
New Zealand
  • Tauranga/Mt Mauganui 22 February
  • Christchurch 7-9 March
  • Wellington 12, 14-15 March
  • Nuku Alofa 19 February

5. When Delete Means Delete

Just for the fun of it when training, I will click on the Outlook Deleted items folder of various members of a team. More often than not, the deleted folder will have thousands of emails in it. I’ve seen some with over 20,000 emails!!! For some, the answer is simple. Deleted does not mean deleted, it means hold it here in case I might ever need it again. Or it could be the I’m afraid to permanently delete folder.If you find you have a huge storehouse of email in your deleted items folder but don’t want them – a simple click is all it takes to permanently delete all items in your Outlook folder when you close the program.

Turn it on now: Outlook:File > Options > Advanced > Outlook Start and Exit > tic the box Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook.

6. Sections in PowerPoint

I received a lot of wonderful feedback with my Morph PowerPoint Slide tip in the last issue (18th December Newsletter)Today I thought to share another tip you’ll find useful. Sections! This feature allows you to organise, review and manage your slides by grouping them (into sections). For example if your presentation covers four main points, with many slides for each point, you can create four sections. Then when you’re working on one of the sections, you can collapse the other three so you can focus on that group.

You’ll find Sections on the Home Ribbon> Slides Menu. Here’s a few things you can do with sections:

  • Here’s a few things you can do with sections:
  • Select all the slides in a section
  • Collapse or expand the sections
  • Move all the slides in a section by dragging
  • Delete the slides in a section

Where’s Debbie 2019?

Need an entertaining, practical content rich presentation for your conference, team or board meeting? Want small group customised in-house training? Simply want to meet? Here’s where you’ll find me so far in 2019. Email now

2019 Event Location
19-20 September Certified Practising Accountants PNG Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
17 September AuSAE NZ Linc Conference Napier
18-19 July Certified Practising Accountants PNG Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
3-4 July HIANZ Conference Hamilton
30 April-12 June Unavailable Working Europe
April 10 Brightstar Productivity Training Auckland
April 3 Brightstar Productivity Training Wellington
21-22 March Institute of Accountants PNG Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
15 March SOLGM Professiona Admin. Forum Wellington
14 March AuSAE Future Leaders Conference Wellington
17-28 February Unavailable
8 February Business Of Events Conference Sydney
29 January St Kentigern School Training Auckland
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