4 Simple Actions for a Happier You

When you look at normal work life balance tips, the normal advice centres around three things:

  1. Delegating activity
  2. Eliminating activity
  3. Doing what you do better.

In fact, my business revolves around showing how to do what you do better.

There are also a few simple things that you can do which make a big difference using a more holistic approach. Your mental attitude, feeling a sense of happiness can often make you physically healthier, more energetic, more productive.

How many of these four actions do you do daily?

  1. Plan Your Big Three

Take 5 minutes every day to plan your top 3 most important tasks to finish for the day. See your day in a big picture way.

  1. Schedule A Break

Pick a time when you pick yourself up and walk away. Use this time to go for a walk outside for example. Just get your body movin

  1. Think About What You’re Grateful For

Nothing breeds balance like gratitude. A few minutes of thinking about what you are grateful for each day can make you a happier person

  1.  Think of What’s Important

Like expressing gratitude, remembering what is most important to you will help to keep your life balanced. Take a few minutes every day and think about what motivates you. It will make your work easier to do, and your home easier to come back to.