Add Value, Don’t Subtract Price

Differentiate by adding value to your customer service rather than competing on price. One way is to increase your communication with your customers.

The mechanics of this is easy: calling, visiting, emails, letters.

However, if you were to scan the information you hold in your customer and / or marketing database, I’d be willing to bet on one thing:

It’s egocentric

Beyond the obvious contact details, is the information you keep about them relate only to the business they have done with you? How can you add value with only this information?

With good data about them, you focus on trying to make them more successful in their life and their work, which ever is relevant to doing business with you.

But you also benefit three ways.

  1. Pinpoint, target and profit:
    By sending the right information to the right person at the right time.
  2. Take up opportunities: 
    With a good database you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities inexpensively. For example an email to let clients know of a weekend only special.
  3. Carry on conversations with prospects.
    Not everyone is able to do business with you immediately. So what can you write/ email to them to carry on a conversation until they’re ready to do business with you? If it’s only about you, you, you – do you think they’ll read it and care?

The road to success is for you to step into their shoes and think “if I were x, what would I be interested in? What makes me more successful? What will make me want to do business with them”.

By answering these questions and then addressing them to your clients – well then you’re on the road to adding value.

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