Be the MasterChef of your own success

As yeast works it’s magic on flour and sugar – doubling the volumne; you can do the same for your business by working smarter instead of harder to generate greater income. Like a bread machine does all the work – you can automate much of what you do, saving hours and hours.

My buiness MasterChef recipe is simply this. Information + Communication x Automation = Profit & Time

Ingredient 1  – Information
The first ingredient reflects all the hard work you put into great customer service and your  marketing and business development work. You never let a client or vialble prospect go. You’ve paid and worked hard to get them.  So you put their details in a database. The data you store should also be relevent to them (not only you).

Ingredient  2  – Communication
Your databse is a goldmine if you use it.  Not only can using your database bring in income and value add to your custoemrs, it is also an actual asset adding to the goodwill value of your business if you ever sell it.
You use your database by instituting a communication plan which is multifacted in distribution. Email, print, phone, sms, social media, in person…. The communication content is also multifaceted. It’s not just to sell. It’s to build relationships and support tenacity. Your communication is tips, hints, ideas, what’s on sale, what’s new, case studies…..

Ingredient  3  – Automation
We normally only use a few of the host of features our everyday business tools have for us. By learning how to better use your software (especially email), your smartphones, your database you can make magic happen. You mix your yeast (database) with your communications (flour, water, salt) .  Your result? A bread so tasty that people keep coming back for more, and more and more.

Clever you – you gathered the ingredients, stored them and used that bread machine to do all the work.