Be more effective In three easy steps

The concept of balance is bologna, and there are only two things you can do to free up time to enjoy your life. The first is to do less. The second is to do what you do more effectively.

Here is your three step plan.

  1. To focus your efforts, first look at (and list) all the activities you do in each role of your life – parent, partner, community member, business (as an employee, executive or business owner).
  2.  Next, rate them:

A: very important – what you must do
B: important – what you should do

For both A and B, you try to do them as EFFECTIVELY as possible. More on this in a moment.

C: things that are nice to do

D: delegate

E: eliminate, whenever possible

 By getting rid of the ‘D’s’ and ‘E’s’ you’ll free up time, gain balance and improve your business success.

Coming back to point A and B, you can save an exceedingly enormous amount of time by simply learning your software better. As you know, computers are an integral component of most jobs today. The travesty is that due to lack of time and training most software functions, which could save you masses of time, remain hidden and unknown.  So learn your software. Set aside five minutes per day to look at the ribbons or drop down menus and see what’s there. Type the function name into the help menu to learn what it is, and what it does.