Controlling your inbox size

Q. Debbie, we have a limit on our mailbox size at work and I’m sick to death seeing Mailbox Full then having to scramble to delete emails to make room. Is there anything I can do?

A. Yes! The Archiving function. It’s automatic, It’s fully customizable. It’s completely accessible. Let me explain. When you turn on archiving, it separates out old items – emails, meetings, appointments, tasks, and puts them into separate folders. In other words it is like moving them into a new drawer. As your program archives for the first time, it will create an exact replica of your inbox folder structure – a mirror image. Two of the parameters you set are how often it runs and what age items it should take out. For example if you can set it to automatically archive every two weeks, every two months; and to take out items that are six months old or three months old.

What’s more in Outlook (sorry, not in Lotus Notes) you can set individual archiving policies for each folder – thus having some that never archive, some that archive more frequently, some that simply delete all contents.

You’ll find Archive:
Outlook: Tools>Options>Other>AutoArchive

Lotus Notes: Mail>Tools > Archive Settings