Creating A Better Photo

Continuing on with the theme of holiday photos. Ever had the situation where someone or thing spoils the perfect photo? I’d hazard a guess that the answer is along the lines of “who hasn’t?”. Well, needless to say, there’s a bunch of apps that allow you to magically take care of spoilers. So you can go ignore the crowds and have the beach to yourself

Okay – so that’s an extreme example! But you get the picture.

As I mentioned there are plenty of apps available both for the iPhone and Android Phones. Some of them are, to be frank useless. The one I use is TouchRetouch and it took all of 10 minutes on an iPad to do the transition you see above. Normally I use it to get rid of telephone wires or cables or signs that say DO NOT PARK !  See if you can spot the 3 changes in the two phots below….

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