Creating PROFIT

Creating Profit

I think one of the reasons that I am often brought into small sales conference meetings is the fact that I am like each member of their sales team.

We each have 1001 things to do each day. We have to bring in more new clients, and keep existing ones happy. We often have long lead times and have to do much more with less resource. We have family commitments (mine being hubby, six kids and five animals).  Even with these constraints I’ve been able to grow a successful business, write sixteen business books and keep everyone happy.



If someone has potential to do business with you, you never give up on a viable prospect no matter how long it takes.


Create your own systems, routines for following up such as phone calls and regular newsletters. You not wait for the phone to ring. Your activity creates success.

Offline/Online Communications

Develop a communication strategy. Mine has always been to put myself in my markets shoes and think of what information can make them more successful in many aspects of their life via tips. You’ll find this keeps people subscribed, reading and referring. In this day and age – priceless.


Your most valuable business asset is an information rich database of existing and prospective clients. To use and to target.


Using your everyday business tools enables you to accomplish all the strategies above –in the office. On the road. By learning the features of your smartphone, your software and using mobility you can make magic happen.