Creative Email + Smartphone Time Saver

Simple software functions can be significantly beneficial when you think about using them creatively to solve your problem of having ‘no time’.

So let’s look at a simple twist on what is a common function; a newish function and a moderately used feature. I’m going to be talking smartphone/tablet as well as Outlook here (as webmail won’t have the ability).

Think of the repetitive typing tasks you do now. Sending out the same details such as location, bank account deposit numbers, thank you’s, directions, clauses.

You have a choice. You can retype and type and retype. Or you can use these ideas:

On your smartphone, take of these repetitive phrases and save them in your notepad. The next time you need the information in a SMS or email, go to the note, double click to copy it all and paste it in your new SMS or email.

Outlook 2007-2013 use Quick Parts. First open a new email, type the text you would like to save. Highlight the text. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts, then Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. After you save your content to the Quick Part Gallery, you can reuse it over and over and over again in a new email by clicking the Insert tab, Quick Parts.

  • A few Quick Part thoughts:
    Thank you (for your enquiry, response, interest, request for more information)
    Lovely meeting you at the …
    Responding to a meeting request, applicants
    Segments of quotes
    About our company
    A Google map link to your location