Customer Appreciation Instead of Sale

Here is a simple yet clever marketing concept to steal from the mobile accessories company ZAGG.

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To shake things up while showing thanks, the team ran an email campaign exclusive to existing customers, promoting a free gift with the purchase of $9.99 or more.

Customers were split into three segments. Customers over one year; over two years and customers over three years. Each segment was offered three different gift products, the items increasing in value with the number of years the customer had been with ZAGG.

In building the campaign they selected three different choices for each segment. The emails were written with an appreciative and thank you tone so it read ‘Thank you, choose your gift’ instead of buy one – get one free.

They sent their customer appreciation emails a total of four times. Sends were spaced out every six weeks, and the gift offers were made available for only a week at a time to invoke a sense of urgency.

Minor adjustments were made to the campaign along the way due to some of the products running out of stock. The team observed the popularity of headphones and, due to the deal at hand, the gift choices that had the higher price points.

This even gave ZAGG a glimpse into which items their customers liked the most, arming the team with helpful data to use in future campaigns as far as which products to market. ZAGG’s customer appreciation campaign produced these results. A 52% increase in revenue-per-email sent and a 252% increase in average conversion rate