Don’t blow your enquiries out the window

How do you respond to advertisements for help wanted? Or to enquiries about your services? Like gold I hope.

Let me give you an example. A while ago I advertised online for someone to help me with my website. I don’t know if it was laziness or arrogance and what I found totally amazing, was that most of the responses were basically, “hi, I’m responding – here is the link to the work I’ve done”.

Do you think I took the time to go to their sites and investigate their work when they were applying for my job? Nope. I’m far to busy, which is the understatement of the century for all employers and recruitment agents. The person that got the job in the end was one who followed up and called me.

So this is a major message. I know it’s hard, but I suggest you try to treat your initial communication for each job you apply for, or enquiry you receive as a golden opportunity and make it easy for the recipient to read about you.

Do not have the cover letter or email extolling your virtues. Rather always put yourself in the shoes of whom you’re writing to or will initially read your correspondence. Make it easy and loaded full of benefits for them. You will succeed. Don’t just send your web address and think someone will go through your site joyously with delight and glee saying “oh I’m so glad they sent me their link. I’m just dying to know all about them”.

Finally if you do want to show them material from your website, instead you go to your website and  copy and paste parts of it or the entire page for them to have immediately. This way you’re making it a lot easier.