Don’t Make This Horrendous Marketing Blunder

Here’s the opening line from the main paragraph a marketing mailer with a CD enclosed “we’ve sent you our corporate profile on a CD as an illustration of how we put information on CD’s….”

Then these 6 bullet points of info on the printed mailer:

  1. Learn more about ‘xxx’ and our culture
  2. See what we do for our clients and what they think about us
  3. Understand the thinking behind the company
  4. Hear what our staff have to say about ‘xxx’
  5. Connect to hot links that take you to the quick quotes
  6. Discover what makes ‘xxx’ so different.

Whoever put this together for them, along with whoever approved it should be shot! The thing is I, the potential customer, really don’t care about their culture, thinking, staff patting themselves on the back. I have very little spare time so the only inducement that would get me to view it is what’s it to me and my problems they can solve.  Where is the how I’ll save time, how I’ll save money, how I’ll impress my clients…….

Please, before you print anything over the next few months, before you write your next newsletter, before you send anything out – put your customers shoes on.

  1. Have you eliminated the I’s, we’s?
  2. Is it chock full of benefits to them?
  3. Is it of interest to them?
  4. Is it glorifying you and if so will they care?

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