Eight Body Language No-No’s

Here are eight great tips sent to me by Tracey Keith, TML Consulting, Wellington for a new  Communication Tip I have just written . How many times have you remained in a conversation with someone, when you really don’t want to? You might think you’re being polite and friendly, staying on and chatting. However your body language can give you away.

How often have you caught yourself doing one of the following no-no’s?

  1. Your arms folded, your body turned away from the person in preparation for moving on. Your whole body leans in the intended direction, away from the person you are speaking with.
  2. Your head is tilted to the side and you have a deadpan facial expression (I’m bored!)
  3. Sighing or heaving when breathing.
  4. Fidgeting or tapping your fingers or feet.
  5. Continuously looking at your watch.
  6. If sitting, your hands may hold onto the armrests of the chair in readiness to get up, and legs are tensed ready to lift the body and leave the room.
  7. Gripping tightly onto things you are holding in your hands.
  8. Your attention is everywhere except on the person you are speaking with.  Your eyes may repeatedly flash toward the direction you want to move to.  Including looking over their shoulder, or glances to the side, acknowledging another person, watching the door or staring out a window.  This may be as subtle as a foot stepping forward or as obvious as the whole body leaning towards the door.