Five Marketing Activites

  1. Fix it up
    Remove that number one impediment to your ability to market well – an incomplete and outdated database. Bite the bullet print it all out – what ever you have to do start correcting it and fill in the gap.
  2. What’s being entered?
    For all you business owners – have you stopped and asked your office managers / PA’s what data they are – or more importantly – aren’t entering into your database?
  3. Harvest
    Devise a budget and harvesting plan on how you’re going to get the gaps filled in for email addresses and other info but for goodness sakes don’t just think you can send a letter or put a paragraph in a newsletter asking people to make the effort of mailing the info back to you. THEY WON’T. So make it a campaign, contest whatever – but you must put an inducement behind it – thus the budget.
  4. Gather new database requirements
    Think about what new goods or services you’d like to offer, or new cross marketing opportunities you’d like to take up over the next two years. Then decide what information you’d need to do it. Then the beginning of next year, start collecting it.
  5. Remember activity out = activity in.
    The amount of time and energy you spend next year marketing and developing new business will be proportional to the amount that comes in.