Five Simple Marketing Ideas For The New Year

1. Start doing press releases.

You can make a press release up about almost everything. Extra learning you’ve taken on, certificates and awards, new customers, sponsorship taken in the community. Try to spread the word – be a better marketer!

2. Start writing articles and submit them to industry periodicals and publications your target market reads.

Articles or comments, quotes by you in articles, work so much more effectively than advertising. If you write an article produced in your target market’s periodicals, you’re almost endorsed as an expert – and how many new eyeballs does your name come across to?

3. Use Email Signatures cleverly.

Signatures on emails are a great way to market yourself to different clients and your different products and services. Your email software package should have a Wizard that walks you through creating it. In Outlook it is the tools menu > options > mail format > signatures.

4. Start doing Thank-you notes, cards and emails.

You know the recommendation that you should always send out thank-you notes and cards. But what if you see a lot of prospective new clients in a week? Or you’re just too busy? Why not do a mix of thank-you notes and emails?

5. Direct Your Audience in what action you want them to take?

Plan ahead. Sure, you might want people to click through to your website and order something then and there. But is there anything else? Do you want them perhaps to give you more information? Do you want them to pass the email on to a friend? Do you want them to sign up for regular emails? So if this book is prompting you towards your first email campaign, stop. Go for a walk. Think. Really think. What actions do you really want your readers to take?