5 Strategies To Get Your Comms Read

We all have to write. Memos. Reports. Articles. Content for newsletters. Persuasive emails. Your problem is how to get them not only read, but remembered or actioned.

Here are a few tips to improve your results.

  1. Use subtitles.
    You cannot do a better favour for your reader than to break up a page of text by adding subtitles  to your paragraphs. Have the subtitle capture the essence, sum up what the paragraph contains. Let’s face it – in today’s busy world, everyone skims. By making good subtitles, you’ll get your message across and make it easier to read. Physically and mentally.
  2. Use headlines.
    Headlines really make a difference. Use them for to begin all your communications; they’re not just for advertisements. The headline will attract your reader’s attention and set their expectation for what is to come.
  3. How to write headlines and sub-headlines?
  • Twitter like. Short. Never use more than fifteen words.
  • Get a quote (don’t forget to use quotation marks – that draws attention).
  • Make it easy to read. Don’t use flowery fonts, reverse type, all caps or italics.
  • Stir emotions. Emotions motivate people into action – the stronger the emotion, the more prompt the action.
  1. Know Your Audience
    If writing for senior management, a clever strategy is to put the conclusion first, then the supporting information (to reach that conclusion). They’re used to dealing with the bottom line and don’t want all the minute details.
  2. Edit. Edit. Edit.
    Take out the superfluous. Eliminate adverbs and adjectives to shorten. Remove sensationalism.