How to take your photos from drab to fab:

I have 1500 fans on my Facebook business page. For the last 8 posts or so I tried an experiment. I put photos on some; others were text only posts. Every single text only post had roughly a 60ish reach. Every single post that included a photo with the post got between 700-800. It’s plain that images matter.

picture1So here is a tip on easily taking photos from drab to fab. Let’s say you want to take a location image- you think the scenery around you is amazing,

I must take a picture? But when you look down at the photo it just doesn’t compare?!

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret called saturation – and its waiting at the end of your fingertips!

Take the picture I have used here as an example; it took a slightly dull looking day at the beach to the beautiful sunny day I was experiencing. And its super simple to do.



If you are on instagram uploading a photo click edit>Saturation and then adjust to your liking. If you’re on an iPhone open the photo, click edit> click the dial icon> click colour and again adjust to your desired colour. For Samsung; open the photo> click the edit image icon> click tone> click saturation> then move your finger across the screen to adjust the colour. Whala! Often even the smallest adjustments can add tremendous oomph into your photos.

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