Get More Sales With This Simple Action

Last year I started in November, and by January 1st, I had double the normal number of forward booked speaking engagements than I ever had before.

I reinstated a tactic that I had let slip. No, it wasn’t the monthly newsletter. No, it wasn’t that I slipped posting to LinkedIn and the like. I have been neglecting the phone.

A while ago I listened to a taped teleseminar session “Power Selling”, an interview with Steve Waterhouse, from the American company Waterhouse Group.

The main point Steve made is simple. You pick up the phone and call old customers.
He believes every business can double their sales and never add another client. Here is a suggested opening phrase from Steve:

”I am so sorry that I lost touch with you. I just wanted to call and say how are you? I was looking through my database and I was so surprised to see your name and I remembered working with you.” You can ask questions like: What has changed since we last worked together? What is going on? What is new? How are you?  What else? Why? What do you want to accomplish? What are your struggles?  Then listen. Do not pitch for business, listen. This call is to rekindle the relationship.

I had fallen into the habit of relying on my email newsletter doing the selling for me. However, I can promise you – pick up the phone for some seriously good results from the people who already know you and have used you in the past!

I’d love to hear back if you have any good conversation starters with previous clients or prospects.