Grabbing opportunity

As a business speaker, what saddens me the most is how many business owners are inactive, rather than grabbing opportunities.

I know this to be try because I have a free add-on to my speaking engagements which is a one year consultation period for all delegates with 7/24 access to contact me with questions. To run ideas by and I also contact them quarterly.

In the past two years – I have only had one out of the thousands contact me. A jeweler from Australia. The saddest thing from my quarterly follow up is the number that never did a thing. The ones that write back with ‘I’ve been too busy to implement the ideas, but I will’.  ‘I haven’t found time to read the ‘how-to’ books’. ‘I’ll let you know if I need help’.

So let me share a recent positive reply from Debra Dorrington, Partner, Alexander Dorrington Lawyers; Auckland

Opportunity A new agreement for sale and purchase has been launched by the real estate institute, which represents a fundamental change in the way people will buy and sell property.

Action We prepared emails. Used Excel to set up a database of people who would be interested in coming to workshops about the agreement. We personalised the emails, used the Word email merge and had them “click here” to answer.  Sounds very ordinary, but for lawyers this is different from the norm.

Benefit As a direct result of what you taught us we ran a dozen workshops; created an email list of interested clientele and prospects. We secured new business but also very importantly we all skilled up on the agreement and completed our client education workshops well before the rest of our competitors had even begun to look and learn about the changes.   We also got our name in front of many new faces, helped cement existing relationships and have even been interviewed for a NZ Herald article because we were recognized as experts on the topic.”