Conquer Your Email Overload: Superb Tips and Tricks For Busy People

Pulling your hair out from your email overload?


Over time, your (and staff’s) efficiency and productivity is impeded by:

-Being expected to use Outlook without any prior experience or training.
-Software upgrades without accompanying training
-IT helpdesks being increasingly focused on solving problems – not on education
-The lack of books or resources available for email users to turn to

The result, you and others at your company may spend an hour sorting through your emails whereas if you knew the shortcut or function the entire task would have been accomplished automatically.

How the cost adds up

Time is money. Even if half an hour is wasted each day needlessly trawling through emails, this can equate to a minimum of $4,500 lost per year, per employee!*

Now take this figure and multiply it by the number of employees using email in your company. The cost is enormous.

The Solution
While you can’t stop what is sent to your or staff mailboxes – beyond what the IT department filters out as spam or inappropriate email – you can make an enormous difference to productivity by learning how to easily and swiftly manage your Inbox – whether you receive 20 or 200 emails a day.

Conquer Your Email Overload – Superb Tips and Tricks for Busy People
Is the first of its kind. Following a simple question and answer – problem and solution approach, the book takes the reader through all the most common email frustrations, from losing an email, to dealing with email overload, so that your employees can make email work for them. With over 300 tips, ideas, shortcuts and strategies Conquer Your Email Overload is sure to be an essential desk top reference for everyone who uses email.

Conquer Your Email Overload Superb Tips and Tricks For Busy People
E-book $25.00

* Based on 200 business days a year = 200 X .5 = 100 hours per year. 100 x $45 per hour wage = $4500

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Table of Contents


Introduction: What is new?

Section 1: Take control of your Inbox

Chapter 1: Help! I have a huge quantity of emails in my Inbox!
Chapter 2: Help! Do I really have to open these emails to read them?
Chapter 3: Help! I’ve lost an email!
Chapter 4: Help! How do I stop receiving all this junk mail and spam?

Section 2: Make your Inbox work for you

Chapter 5: Help! I keep forgetting to follow up on things!
Chapter 6: Help! I waste so much time mucking around with my emails
Chapter 7: Help! How do I make it easier for people to get back to me?
Chapter 8: Help! How do I add personality to my emails?
Chapter 9: Help! How can I let people know when I’m away?
Chapter 10: Help! Are there any more time-saving tips?

Section 3: Make your Inbox work for your business

Chapter 11: Help! Why do my emails get scrambled at the recipient’s end?
Chapter 12: Help! How can I be sure my emails are getting through to people?
Chapter 13: Help! How can I make email marketing easier?
Chapter 14: Help! How can I keep on top of projects, quotes and who’s doing what?

Section 4: Get much much more out of Outlook

Chapter 15: Help! How can I make my Contacts (personal and business) more useful?
Chapter 16: Help! How can I use Contacts for my marketing?
Chapter 17: Help! What else can I do with Contacts?
Chapter 18: Help! Contacts won’t hold the information I need!
Chapter 19: Help! How can I get the most out of my Calendar?
Chapter 20: Help! Are there more business-use features within my Calendar?
Chapter 21: Help! How can I improve the way I view things?

Section 5: Appendices

Appendix I: Using the ribbon without your mouse
Appendix II: Moving around the text
Appendix III: Keyboard Shortcut tips
Appendix IV: Sample Rules

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