What Happens When They Walk in Your Door?

How much money does your business spend trying to get customers? Trying to get people to cross your threshold? When that happens – why ignore them?

I went to visit a showroom from one of the companies that had come to quote on our flooring. I wanted to see a larger piece of carpet than the square we were shown at home.

Two employees were on opposite ends of the showroom. The woman on her computer (which was set up against a wall so her back was to us – and the showroom). The man in another room on his computer, the desk facing sideways so he could see people as they entered the section.

After five minutes of browsing, we still had not been acknowledged by either of the sales people. Finally, finally, I went up to the woman and asked if she could find our quote in the computer (I had forgotten to bring the printout). She couldn’t. We left.

What is the takeaway for you?

  1. Ensure your staff meet and great those most valuable assets walking through your front door (your prospects and customers).
  2. Put a new pair of shoes on. Your customers’ shoes. Go to your establishment with fresh eyes. You don’t want all that hard work of marketing and advertising to be for naught because the sale is killed when someone enters your premises.
  3. To someone who doesn’t know about your products or services, is the layout inviting? It is logical? Is it clean?
  4. Where are your staff placed?