Have killer questions prepared

When you go to see a prospective client, what questions do you ask? Do you have a set of “Killer Questions” that could really impress the company? These are the ones to ascertain whether you are right for the job (or your company is) and to sell yourself, your credibility, your expertise.

Here are several to get you thinking.

  • What do you want me to say to your employees that you can’t say?
  • If you polled people working with me, what is the one piece of information you would have wanted them to take away?
  • What is THE MAJOR people issue you are faced with right now?
  • What changes do you want to see happen in your organization as a result of this work?
  • What challenges are you facing at the moment?
  • Define three outcomes you would like to achieve?
  • After the job/consulting/contract/work is done, what do you expect your staff to: A. Do differently? B. Feel differently?
  • What messages have you been sending to your people that you want a perceived outside expert to endorse?
  • What is the greatest challenge facing this particular industry/sector right now?
  • What is the greatest issue constraining your organisation’s growth right know?
  • If I asked a range of your customers what they thought of your service, what might they say?
  • What is the greatest need for attitude or skill development amongst your staff?