Hours, dollars or knowledge

The other month I mined my LinkedIn connections. You can email a segment of them at a time from LinkedIn, however with 4000 connections; too much work. Therefore I downloaded them as a list on my computer and did a personalised email merge inviting them to subscribe to my newsletter

I was successful in getting 10% to happily subscribe to my newsletter. I know what you’re thinking ‘how do I do that’? Go to: Network>Contacts>Settings>Export LinkedIn Connections.

Pete from the US wrote (a little tongue in cheek) ‘my wife is the slave driver here that keeps me focused on her chores rather than the fun things I’d rather do.  I’ve been in IT for 40 years, but I always get a fresh perspective from you. The economic conditions in our region are poor and even my wife can’t find me a job these days (she’s in recruiting), so it’s back to entering the 200 contacts into the new recruiting database.’

I responded ‘Wait a minute Pete – you’re not entering those 200 contacts into the database one by one manually are you?’ ‘Yes, they’re all on paper business cards’ he replied.

I wrote back ‘Why not buy the smartphone app Camcard? It’s $4.00. It not only scans business cards, it enters them into your Outlook database as well allowing you to export them all into an Excel file. This delighted him! Just think of the volume of time saved for him personally typing 200 cards.

The funny thing is that I had purchased a (physical) business card scanner several years ago for $400.