How Can I Become A Marketing Maven?

Let me introduce you to one of the best kept secrets and most underutilised assets in Outlook Contacts. And that’s Categories.

What are categories?

A category is a keyword or phrase that you can assign to a Contact (email, appointment, task.) You can assign one or as many categories as you like to each item.

Why are Categories so utterly brilliant? 4 Reasons:

  1. Categorise and Target
    By what is important to you (or, more wisely to them). You can create categories by industry, by company size, by their nature of business with you.
  2. Organisation
    Helps you easily find, sort, filter, or group contacts.
  3. Track related but different items
    For example all the meetings, contacts, and emails for a baseball committee you’re on or any business project. Create a category (Baseball or New Project) and assign items to it.
  4. Minimises folder requirements.
    For example, you can keep business and personal tasks in the same task list and use the Business and Personal categories to view the tasks separately.

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