How to Slash your Boring Quotient

Does your job require written communication? Memos. Reports. Articles?

Do they get the attention and response you believe they deserve?

Why not steal a page from the success book of email and direct marketers and put some wow and pizzazz into your communications? It only takes a little extra thought and effort to turn lackluster verbiage into star communications – no matter how serious the subject matter.

According to a study outlined in Marketing Sherpa email newsletter readers responded best to these four types of articles.

1. Humour
You could consider a funny 10 excuses for being late as an alternative to the normal ‘why is everyone late for meetings’

2. Headline it with numbers
Four Ways To Save Power In The Office, 10 Ways To…

3. Controversial topics
Surefire way to get read!

4. Business advice
Consider starting with ‘How-To or ‘Do You Know’ to add impact.

So use this as a basis for revamping your memos and reports- add humor, headlines with numbers, a little advice or how to as a P.S.

Another way to give your communications much more sizzle is to use descriptive words. You have a secret weapon with this, let MS Word help you.

Highlight and right click a word you’d like to find an alternative for. Select Synonyms. You’ll be given a list of suggested alternatives. For example if you right clicked the word descriptive, recommended alternates are: Expressive, vivid, eloquent colourful, evocative, explanatory and straightforward (antonym).

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