Humour adds impact

If you want to achieve better impact when you communicate, add humour. It will make what you are saying or presenting more memorable and uplifting.

If you are not naturally funny, you’ll crumble at the thought of adding humour. I’ve read umpteen books on the how-to. However, as my daughter Samantha so aptly said in an exasperated breath (as I stopped to look through just one more book at Borders ), ‘What’s the point, Mom?’

It’s easy to read books, listen to tapes, watch comedians. The problem is you can know the how-to, but if it’s not naturally in you, the how-to still won’t put the one liners and quips in your head.

Props work, such as funny graphics. Parodies such as making mock book cover titles work. Laughing at yourself works, poking fun at your oddities or shortcomings. Highlight the things your family or kids tease you about. Another area to exploit is problems in common with your audience. Throw in something about the partner, pets, teens . . . When giving examples, work in threes. Have the third one unexpected and funny. One that I use is, ‘Have you ever heard something life changing? Will you marry me, the job is yours. Shoes, 50% off’.

Google Images are great for humour

Unexpected, funny graphics are an easy way to add a laugh. Go directly to Google Images at You can hone your search by content and image size. When you find the image you want, don’t select it from the thumbnails you see. Click to go to the original source, where you’ll get the higher quality original image itself (versus the Google thumbnail).