Improve Your online Customer Newsletters

With everyone suffering from email overload and the average online newsletter being anything but a newsletter, here’s three tips to get your online newsletters noticed, valued and read:

  1. Espresso versus the latte bowl.
    Short, quick, succinct – but with personality.
  2. Them, not you What can you put in it to make your readers more interested? You can sell a little bit, but it can’t be the real reason for your newsletter (even though that is exactly what you want).
  3. Business interests, not business activity While doing research for a speaking engagement, I interviewed a typical large client – the head of collections for a large bank. I asked, ‘What are you interested in reading for business?’ He replied, ‘Not collections. That’s a piece of cake. I’m interested in articles on leadership, on motivating staff, on training
    staff . . .’

Have you thought of this angle when doing your customer communications?