Improving your conversations

Improving conversations

If you watch a dog or cat, you’ll notice their ears turning to catch sounds. And when you call them, boy do their ears perk up! Think of your listener doing this every time you bring them into your conversation with the word ‘you’. Eliminate as many I’s and me’s as you can and turn your stories around. A correct I to you ratio and
stories are some of the best ways to help you get your point across, from increasing the size of a sale to impressing a potential client, staff member or acquaintance. Stories can even be used to pacify an irate customer – they help get your point across in a
memorable and persuasive manner.

Wrong: I have a client called Bob.
Right: You might know someone like Bob, a client of mine.

Wrong: I love this.
Right: You’ll really enjoy this.

What’s on the wall
When you go to someone’s office for the first time, look at what’s on the wall. It gives you something – a sail boat, golf, accreditation, family size – to talk about initially, to build rapport.