Let the kids give you more time

Here are two suggestions to get more time balancing work, and a young family.

When the children are first given chores, don’t tie their pocket money to household chores. It’s a mistake we, and many families make. Why? All you’ll get when you ask them to do something additional is, ‘How much will I get paid for doing this?’, ‘It’s not my job’.

Instead you might consider having most jobs around the house categorised as family duties (things your family members do to contribute to running the house like setting the table, washing up, etc.). Special, larger jobs could involve a payment or special treat.

Second, as the children age, give them more responsibility in all aspects of home life!!!!!

It not only does it give you more balance, it helps them mature, take responsibility and learn. When your child goes out flatting – you do want them to know how to cook. How to do their laundry. How to keep a kitchen sanitary, don’t you. Although them knowing and doing it for themselves is another matter, tee hee hee.

A good idea is to write these on a list and post it on the refrigerator. It’s good to rotate the jobs between the children as all jobs won’t be equally demanding.

Extra Tip: Allocate a role called ‘extra jobs’. This person will cover the chores of someone who is not home.