Make an intellectual connection

Lesson learnt from Patricia Fripp

Put a structured and logical organization of your points for the intellectual connection. To do this well, form your presentation/speech/sales pitch with these four points in mind.


  1. Who is your audience?
    Define their age, attitude, industry, gender.
  2. What does that person want to know from me?
    How can you help them?  What questions might they have?
  3. Answer objections up front
    Why you specifically? How are you qualified? Why they should take your advice, make change?
  4. Premise up front
    The main point you’re making. How they will benefit from what you ask them to do. This can be your opening statement. If you are doing a presentation on how to save money, you’d open with By following the following four points, you can save x amount of money.


Then, lay your points out logically, and give at least one example for each point. For example: Four ways to save money. By going point example, point example… you’re structured and logical. Easy to follow.