Making More Sales From Your Clients

Let me set the scene. Midnight. The air is so crisp and cold you can see your breath on it. The last bus arrives to go back to the hotels from the New Zealand Financial Planners Annual Convention Gala dinner.

I climb up the bus stairs and sit in the first seat. Everyone passes me by – no one ever wants to sit with the speaker.  Finally one gentleman sat down next to me. Tall, salt and pepper short hair. Green eyes.

He said “Debbie, do you remember me?’ I must have looked confused, so he took me out of my misery ‘David, from Goldridge wealth management. You spoke at our conference 6 months ago. “Ah, it came back to me then. Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna. “Can I tell you a story” he asked.  “Of course, I love stories” I replied.

Well when you came to speak with us, what you said made a lot of sense about communicating more with clients. I looked at my database and I was horrified that I only had 10% of my clients’ email addresses. So I asked my Personal Assistant Shirley if she wouldn’t mind working a few late afternoons and evenings calling clients to ask for their email addresses.

Well, you wouldn’t believe it Debbie (he continued), just about every time she called someone, they wanted to speak with me.

Would you believe that I have done hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business – and I haven’t even sent out one email yet”!

I hope you can see the relevance of this wee story. There is so much more business waiting for you with the people that know you, your clients and prospects. All you need to do is pick up the phone. Which leads me to point two.

David didn’t do the calls himself? He had an assistant do it. It’s important to do the most valuable activities running your business with your time. So if you don’t have an assistant – get some part time help to do the low value tasks.