Managing important contacts

View Contacts Differently (Outlook Office)
Almost everyone looks at their contacts in a view called address cards (resembling mini business cards.) You do see a lot of detail for each contact; however you don’t see many contacts at one time. There are many more ways to view your contacts – by company, category, location, phone…

  1. In contacts click the View menu
  2. Select Arrange By
  3. Select Current View and make your selection.

Email Your Contact Card  (Outlook Office)
Don’t forget to  set yourself up as a Contact (with plenty of detail.) You have the option of sending your contact ‘Vcard’ as an attachment with your emails. If the recipient clicks it – it gets added to their Contacts.

To insert your VCard

  1. In your Inbox, click the View menu
  2. Select Insert Item
  3. Click Contacts, scroll til you find yours.
  4. Click Insert.

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