Is Your Marketing Content Wrong?

I was preparing a speech for a new client, the Institute of Mercantile Agents Australasia. Debt collectors. Bounty hunters. Repossession agents. Private eyes. As you would, I was conducting research into their industry to understand how they could better serve their clients.

So I telephoned the Head of Collections for Westpac Bank and asked her “, what do you read for business”?

What do you think she said? You might guess interest rate information. How to improve collections. The cost of money. Future trends in collections. Women’s Day.

What she said was “collections are a piece of cake. I don’t care. My staff do that. I read articles on leadership. On KPI’s. On training. Yes, Debbie when I get in or find an interesting article, I sure do send it to my peers.

Bringing this back to you – what content do you put in your communications to your clients? Do you have in your database information about their positions so you can better target; instead of assume they’re interested only in industry matters?

I’ve mentioned before that I started one of the first email newsletters in Australasia back in 1999.
Concepts to use

  1. Put yourself in your readers shoes and think of content that will add value to them. Not only their working lives, but personally too.
  2. Don’t oversell your services. I have one slight call to action in it – if that.
  3. Don’t be afraid of giving away content others would have people pay for. You reap what you sow.