Newsletter – 08 August 2017

Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith

Vol 16 No#138 08 August 2017

1. Productivity Tip – No Meeting Mondays

Facebook has a ‘No meeting Wednesdays’ policy. Why not do this to boost productivity? Setting aside a day where you have a clear calendar, you’ll be left with a full day to focus on work or current projects without having to rush around to various meetings (which let’s be honest, can often be a bit of a time-waster or last longer than originally planned).

2. Move Text with Drag & Drop – Not Copy & Paste (MS Office)

I bet you’ve been using the Cut-Paste (Ctrl-x Ctrl-v) function to move text from one location to another within your computer. If you want to avoid constantly loading up your clipboard you can move text by simply dragging and dropping it. Just highlight the text you want to move and click and drag and drop it to its new location.

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3. Gmail Tip – Labels

In the last issue I mentioned you can colour Gmail labels. Here’s another great tip. Drag and Drop an email into a label and it will move it from the Inbox and only be shown under that. Conversly, drag a label from your navigation pane over an email – and it will label that email.

4. Think of this when writing your next email subject line

Often you may write a suject line without putting to much thought or importance into it. When people look at their received emails, the first thing they look to do is see what they can delete! Gulp. Subject lines are very important when it comes to getting read.

5. Android Smartphone TipTwo Finger Downward Swipe

Do you wish there were a faster way to switch your Android phone to airplane mode? To toggle Bluetooth on and off? To crank up your screen brightness, or tweak your Wi-Fi settings? The answer lies in your “Quick Settings” button in the top-right corner of the display.

A fast way to your Quick Settings (skipping the Notifications window) is to swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers rather than just one.

Once in Quick Settings, you’ll see a series of jumbo-sized buttons that’ll give you one-tap access to some of the most important settings on your Android phone.

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