Newsletter – 31 October 2017

Your Business Quick Tip Alert – Vol 16 No#141 – 31st October 2017


  1. How to be be More Memorable & Persuasive Webinar
  2. How to Improve Your Google Searches
  3. How to Take a Screen Shot on Your Phone
  4. Quick Document Formating Tip
  5. How You Get A High Price For Your Business

How To Be More Memorable & Persuasive Webinar

Tuesday 5th of December at 11am (NZ DST)

Would you like to:

  • Communicate your points more persuasively?
  • Write reports, emails, proposals, presentations that convince?
  • Learn professional design secrets and time saving preparation tips?

Then you must book this business changing webinar full of expert tips to transform your communications. Verbal, written, presented.

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How To Improve Your Google Searches: Set A Timeframe

To save time and ensure you get the latest information; enter your search in the web browser. This will bring up the results, but also importantly a menu of search options. The very last one on the right is Tools. Select it and it will bring up “Any time”. Select the option here for the most appropriate for your search ( 24 hours, week, month, year, custom).

How to Take A Quick Screen Shot on Your Phone

  1. Galaxy – Swipe the side of your hand over the screen and you’ll capture a screen shot.
  2. iPhone press and hold the sleep/wake button and click the Home button
  3. Huawei press the power button and volume down button at the same time until you hear a shutter noise.

Quick Document Formatting Tip

Ever notice that little paintbrush on the Home menus in Microsoft Office – or the Paint Roller In Google Docs? This little gem will copy formatting.

Select anything – a headline, a paragraph. Highlight it, then click the Format Painter tool. The next item you highlight will adopt the formatting you copied. Here’s a double bonus. If you hit the paintbrush twice; it will keep copying the formatting until you go back and cancel it.

How You Get A Higher Price For Your Business

“You’re a workaholic” Steve (my husband) said to me last week. It wasn’t only that I was still working on a proposal at 11:30 pm that evening. It was because my laptop and thoughts of the business are never far from my side or mind. I once heard it said that when you own your business, it’s like a mistress. You want to spend all your time with it. I do agree with that.

Though I am nowhere near retiring, I can’t help but think what will happen to the business when I want to let go? What about all those years of sweat, blood and tears making it successful? What happens to a business when the owner is a driving force? Is it worth anything?

Two days later, by a lovely co-incidence, I read a striking report about this very topic by xero called Success Through Succession Planning

Would you believe there are 90,000 businesses in New Zealand owned by people aged 55 and over? A massive tidal wave of retirement is approaching, and most are not prepared (like me). Without preparation, you may not find a buyer and you most likely will get a lower price – translating to a lowered standard of retirement. Who wants that?

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