Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith

Vol 17 No#152 – June 12th 2018


  1. Important Excel Tip
  2. Easy Recycling at Home
  3. Creating Great Headlines
  4. Smartphone Tip
  5. Family Quick Tip
  6. Where’s Debbie

1. Important Excel Tip

Categories. Not columns in Excel
The last thing you want to do is work with an endless line up of columns. In example, don’t set up separate columns for clients, prospects, old clients, suppliers. Or separate worksheets for location or products/services.

Instead have one column called client type or location and have different Categories (or variables) you enter into the one column. This eliminates the need to use different worksheets or columns. With all the information on one sheet, you can sort or filter to get the exact information you want.

2. Easy Recycling at Home

We keep a big box by the front door (and a container outside the kitchen window) to make it easy for the whole family to recycle. From toilet rolls to aluminum foil; newspaper to all plastics.

Correction From Last Issue
I mentioned to use biodegradable bags. ( These bags need oxygen. So they do break down in a compost system, turning to CO2 and compost. The bags do not break down in landfill because of the lack of oxygen when the rubbish is tightly packed

3. Creating Great Headlines

If you want to get your emails, articles and documents read, you need a great headline. I always run mine through a website headline checker and then tweak, tweak, tweak to get the best score (thus best result) possible. Have a look if you can use it.

4. Smartphone Tip

Use our sunglasses (upside down) to lean your smartphone on when watching something widescreen.

5. Family Quick Tip

With winter upon us, what better way to garden than in the comfort of your home? Why not start sprouting seeds for such as alfalfa, cabbage, flax or beans such as mung or even garbanzo? You get off the chart health benefits, almost immediate satisfaction with quick germination and the cost is pennies. Search on Google for heaps of information and how-to’s.

6. Where’s Debbie

Why not book a custom in-house workshop while I’m close to you? Simply email for a quick discussion

2018 Event Location
12 Jun Taranaki Chamber Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. Better New Plymouth
15 Jun SPANZ Conference Queenstown
22 Jun Tauranga Chamber Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. Better Tauranga
30 June – 26 July Unavailable
31 Jul -1 Aug New Plymouth District Council New Plymouth
10 Aug Franchise Assoc Conference Taupo
16 Aug AAPA Conference Taupo
17 Aug AAPNZ Conference Wellington
26 Aug- 16 Sept Unavailable
15-17 Oct AA Practice Managers Conference Canberra
18 Oct Meals On Wheels Conference NSW, Australia
05 Nov Social Media – The Good, Bad and Ugly Webinar
08 Nov AAPM Webinar – Excel
19 Nov AAPNZ Christchurch
20 Nov AAPNZ Nelson