28th January 2016

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Vol 15 No # 113

1. Successful Email Marketing
2. Master Windows 10
3. The 2016 Resolution That Will Save You Time!!!
4. Must Have App Khan Academy
5. Where’s Debbie?

Successful Email Marketing

After years of being in the shadow, email marketing is hot this year. Social media, a major disappointment for most; Facebook’s organic reach is at all-time lows (meaning you have to pay to have your posts read). Nothing equals the return on investment like email communications to your database of clients and prospects.

May I ask for your vote? Would you be interested in attending either a full day workshop; or participating in a webinar series that details exactly how to do great email communications that get yiou results? Both would cover the five pieces of a successful email communication:

List. Content. Design. Distribution. Response Management

Please help me plan by casting your vote and selecting the one you’d consider participating in.

Full day workshop (about $495) fullday@successis.co.nz
5 Part Webinar series (about $200) webinar@successis.co.nz

Master Windows 10

If you have upgraded your laptop or computer to Windows 10, it will seem quite alien to you. Here is a great article. For example how to get rid of the tiles .45 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Master Windows 10

The 2016 Resolution that will save you time!!!!!

“What is your New Year’s resolution going to be” my daughter asked.
We all go through this. New Year. New ‘you’. “Don’t know yet” was my reply.
I had already started hard on a diet on the 26th of December (still going strong, thank you!!). I exercise almost every day. I had already made plans for the direction of the business – Read about it here in the NZ Herald

My resolution was to make one tiny little deletion. A simple tap and drag that I knew would be hard to give up cold turkey; but would be exceedingly beneficial personally.

This little deletion has freed up about 20 -40 minutes a day. It has helped me to become more up to date with news. With industry articles. With sleep!
Have you figured out what it is?

I deleted spider solitaire off my phone. It was the only game I had. My excuse was I needed it for relaxation.

Do you have a ‘go to’ game on your phone? For when you’re slightly bored at night. Or a passenger. When you are in the bathroom, or should be doing something else?

Though I miss it sorely, now when I have that down time, or want to relax, I use it productively. I go deeper into the newspaper apps. I read industry articles. I’ve put the phone down and picked up work that needs to be done.

No more stolen moments wasted on an activity that isn’t adding value to my life. Because life is just too short to waste any of it.

Must Have App

Now that you won’t be playing games on your mobile device, you might want to pick up the app Khan Academy. It’s free short educational videos on a myriad of subjects. I’ve been going through music and art. You’ll love it I’m sure. Here’s the website www.khanacademy.org

Where’s Debbie

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Date 2016 Confirmed Events Location
5/6 Oct Leading Property Managers NZ Conference New Zealand
28/29 July IFA/PAA Annual Conference Auckland
25 July How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Melbourne
18 July How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Sydney
28 June Rural Contractors Association Conference Bay of Islands
23 June Retirement Villages Assoc Conference New Zealand
17 May Produce Manufacturers Assoc Aus/NZ Brisbane
16 May How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Auckland
10-11 May Assoc. Consulting Engineers NZ Queenstown
31 March Wellington Regional Primary Principals Assoc Wellington
10 March Asteron Life Advisers Training Wellington
9 March Executive Team EA Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Wellington New Zealand
8 March Auckland Waikato Cranes Auckland New Zealand
7 March ValGroup Wellington
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