5 April 2016

Your Business Quick Tip Alert
Vol 15 No # 119

1. Automatically deleting iPhone SMS messages
2. Eating Ketchup Correctly
3. Online learning – free up weeks working with Excel or Outlook
4. Routine Reaps Rewards
5. Computer Running Slow? Try This
6. Great Gmail Tip For You or Your Gmail Loving Friends
7. Where’s Debbie?

1. Heaps of old SMS Messages?
Delete them automatically – periodically.
Settings> Messages> scroll down and tap the Keep Messages setting> select an option: 30 days, a year, or forever.

Next a pop-up warns that your old text messages—including any photos or videos—are about to be deleted. All set? Then go ahead and tap Delete.

2. Bet you never knew you were eating ketchup out of those wee paper cups completely the wrong way!!!!!
Watch the first 20 seconds of this 31 second video and you’ll see why!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoojbLq6YmI

3. Do you use Outlook and/or Excel? Then you mustn’t miss my two brand new online learning programs. They’ll rock your world

  1. Outlook: Ease Your Pain. Enhance Your Gain
    16 ‘wow’ inspiring tips that will show you how to free up at least two working weeks a year managing email; as well as how to turn Outlook into a fabulous customer relationship management program (CRM).
  2. Excel: Work Smarter & Save Days Working with Lists and Databases
    Excel is a simply fabulous program to work with, and not just for numbers. The 16 tips will show wonderful hidden shortcuts, features and how-to’s that are going to save not hours, but days. If you work with lists or databases, learn secrets for swiftly cleaning, massaging and correcting information to create your business goldmine.

Brochure http://www.successis.co.nz/IIY Boot Camps.pdf

Introductory Special: Half Price for one month

Order Now! https://www.successis/iiy.htm

4. Routine Reaps Rewards
When it’s 7:00 AM, do you have a good feeling of accomplishment? By then I’ve written an article or two; reviewed and sorted my to-do list and finished the first two or three items on it; deleted the unnecessary emails. Admittedly though very productive, I still haven’t ‘arisen’ but rather sat up and grabbed my laptop.

What are we talking about here?

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5. Speed Your Computer
Is your computer running slower than it used to? Here’s a few tips to put the accelerator on:

1. Keep your desktop clean
All those files, photos, folders and programs you keep on your desktop load as part of your computer’s boot sequence. This can strain your RAM and slow down the whole process, especially if your computer is a bit on the older side.

You don’t have to remove everything from your desktop, but at this point there isn’t much need to have anything on there. On Macs, you can keep your most-used programs and applications on your dock, and on Windows computers you can pin your favourite programs to your taskbar by right-clicking the program and selecting that option.

2. Clear out temporary files
If your Internet browser is where you go first when you start your computer, why not clear out the temporary files and cookies stored in it. As time passes, your browser will get bogged down with items stored in its cache. Go to your browser’s preferences and clear your cache. You’ll have to log in again on websites that save your info, but the speed increase is worth the occasional wipe.

3. Run a Mac? Quit unused programs

Hitting the red X on the top left of your window doesn’t mean you’ve exited the program. On a Mac, you can close every window but still be running every program, and turning off your computer doesn’t mean they close either.

If you’re done using your Mac, make sure you quit out of every program you don’t need on start-up before turning it off, otherwise they will automatically load when you boot and bog down your start-up time. You can quit programs by going through the program’s menu in the top left and selecting “Quit Program” or by hitting ⌘-Q.

From Mashable: http://mashable.com/2016/03/19/computer-boot-faster/#bugeyMkdXkqE

6. Great Gmail Tip to Share

One of the great features of Outlook is that you can preview your emails in two ways. One is the first 1, 2 or 3 lines of the email. The second is the preview pane which will cut your screen in thirds (viewing your emails vertically or in half viewing thme horizontally). gmail preveiw pane

You can now set an email reading pane up in Gmail too. Go to the Gear, select settings, select LABS. Several items down you’ll find the Preview Pane. Select enable. Back in Gmail, you’ll see a new little box. Select horizontal or vertical

7. Where’s Debbie Get a speaking quote
Ask about small in-house customised training (minimum 6 people) training@successis.co.nz

2016 Confirmed Events Location
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28 June Rural Contractors Association Conference Bay of Islands
23 June Retirement Villages Assoc Conference New Zealand
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13 May Solgm Conference Wellington
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