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Vol 15 No#123 13 September 2016

Have you heard that song ‘by Megan Trainor – it’s all about the bass?`(here’s a YouTube link to the video). Well this month’s newsletter is all about the clicks. By this I mean removing them. Here’s 5 GREAT tips for you, plus more.

5 Great Remove The Clicks Tips

1. Outlook Calendar Shortcut
Isn’t it a pain when you need to go to a date several months in the future in Outlook? Click click click to skip to that month.
OR you can type Control + G. See what happens.

2. Windows 10 secret start menu
If you want to save yourself a series of clicks to get to (for example) control panel, task manager, programs and features and much more, all you need to do is click the Windows key + X to open it. Go ahead, try it!

3. Windows 10 shortcut keys
There are heaps and heaps of them. But my favourite must know is Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer

4. Save many, many clicks with Quick Step
This is one of my 16 week Outlook Productivity Boot Camp lessons. If you have office 2010 or later, you’ll have the function and I bet you’re not using it.

You have repetitive actions – such as:

  • A new email to the same person at least several times a week
  • A group email
  • Replying to an email and moving the original to a folder
  • Replying and deleting an email

This list could go on and on.

You can do these actions over and over, or create a shortcut which is a single mouse click. This feature is in Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

Watch it now! One minute, 3 seconds

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5. Splitting Names Apart in Excel
Using Excel for mailing lists and databases? Well I hope you’ve kept first and last names in separate columns. WHAT!!!! You DIDN’T??? Well save literally thousands of clicks with the wonderful function Text To Columns. Four clicks and it will split names apart whether you have 20 rows or 20,000. It’s in the Data Ribbon towards the right side. View the Video (it also includes the Trim function)Again this tip comes from the Excel Quick Tip Boot Camp – why not join the 16 lesson program now? it takes only 2 minutes a week at your desk to learn significant time saving tips.

Don’t Forget Our New Service: IT Consulting
When was the last time your company reviewed your processes and procedures to create new efficiencies? To lower costs? To speed sales, service, communication?

My husband Steve excels on the set up and infrastructure side with over 20 years of senior IT Leadership positions. Steve’s LinkedIn

How Steve can help:

1 – Future of Technology and trends presentations

2: Expert, informed, unbiased advice on:

  1. Cloud software – data, infrastructure, applications
  2. Security
  3. Mobility – Apps, tablets, phones
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Microsoft vs. Apple
  6. Software choices (such as database systems)

Email now to start the conversation on affordable IT advice:

Have a look if I’m in your neck of the woods, why not take up the opportunity and put on some in-house training for your team?

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