On Target Communications

Many years ago I was engaged to do a business growth presentation at the conference of the Institute of Mercantile Agents of Australasia. Debt collectors, private detectives, repossession agents… To better understand their business, I telephoned one of their clients, the head of collections for an Australasian Bank. “What do you read for business” was my question. The response would help me recommend how to better market and communicate

You would expect the interests to include: how to reduce debt owed; how to speed up collections. The cost of money. How to conduct better credit checks. The Mercantile Gazette.  In other words content revolving around improving collections.

However the answer was not what you would expect. ‘Debbie. Collections are a piece of cake. I don’t care. My staff handle that. My job is leading and managing a large team. So I read about KPI’s. I read articles about management. I read about training, how to help staff handle difficult people on the phone’.

What is the message here? How off target are your newsletter and client communications?

  1. What content are you putting in your company newsletter or magazines? Have you stepped into the shoes of your audience and thought of them as individuals?
  2. Are you adding content helping them be more successful in the roles they play and their interests, problems?
  3. Are your communications only about you? Your products/services? Buying more from you? What are putting in to strengthen relationships?
  4. Can you target by job? By industry? By special interests even though it has nothing to do with you?