Pain and Gain For A Remarkable Elevator Pitch

“So What do you do?’

I’m sure you’ve been asked that heaps of time.

It’s embarrassing to admit that I struggled for years to get the great response.

‘I show how to use your everyday business tools better for more time and more income.’

‘I talk about using everyday technology better.’

‘I show how to make small changes for great gains in using everyday business tools.’

Yes, I agree, all terrible.  Yet, what I educate on – email overload, smartphones, software, the Internet is something everyone uses and struggles with.

One day, walking through the exhibition hall of a conference I spoke at, I was asked that same old question. Being tired, not thinking I replied:

‘I show people how to get more done in less time’.

BAM!!!! On this occasion, the person smiled broadly, their eyes shined in interest and engagement and they said ‘wow! We sure need you at our company’. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So I tried it again with the next person. ‘Oh my goodness. I need you! Can you come sit with me for a week?’

Repeatedly I used my new one liner. That afternoon I got two speaking engagements from it on the expo floor chatting with people as I wandered about.

So how do you do it for yourself?

  • It’s about their pain point
  • It’s about their benefit, not feature
  • What will they gain

It is hard to see past your how or what. I kept putting the word technology, and/or business tools in my phrase. Those come after.

Last week an accounting practice emailed me asking what I thought of their two choices for elevator pitches.

  1. I assist business owners to improve their profitability, cash flow and grow their businesses
  2. I analyse, find solutions and take actions to address business owners’ financial pain points.

My response was an alternative which fit the three ingredient recipe above.

‘I help business owners save time, earn more and grow their business’.