Planning Guide for Improving Your 2016

With hopefully a bit of relaxation behind you, and a fresh outlook now that you’re back in the office, have you thought of what you’ll change and improve for 2016? Or perhaps even made a business new year’s resolution?

If you’re like me, you’ll find the quiet late December / early January time of year is wonderful to plan new initiatives and goals for your activities, your business.

This year I found a lovely guide that helps you derive a plan of action. I’ll share the link with you in a moment.

In the past, I’d walk the dogs along Tamaki Drive, or sit in a coffee shop in the mall while the kids were still shopping. I’d decide how many speaking engagements I’d like to accept. If I was going to create any public workshops; do webinars; write a new book. Items of this nature.

What this step by step guide did differently was ask you to start first with your vision. This was the first time I had done this in a very, very long time. It helped to clarify my thoughts and decide the goals and tactics I wanted.

A snippet of the wording of my vision statement is ‘focusing on well earning products and services’.

This is the point I’d like to stress for you. You have limited time. Limited resources. So focus them on activity that gives you the biggest bang.

In example let’s say your goal is to earn $25,000 more in 2016. Let’s say you have several services. One brings in $2000 a client. One brings in $4,000 a client.  One brings in $995 a client. Your focus should be to try to build the $4000 a client part of the business. You’ll only need seven vs. 13 or 26.

Another thing you can do is research your idea first with your customers.

One of my brainstorming ideas is to do more ‘public workshops or webinars’ meaning I create the event and get the seats filled and to launch a new service called Social Uptake. Instead of making this a 100% plan, I went to my newsletter database and asked what they thought.

While this guide is for marketers, it works stunningly well for any business and any goal. Simply scroll through to page 2.