Email Contacts Calendar & Tasks Webinar

$40.00 exc GST

Your email program can do much more than create and respond to emails



 How-To Create a Great CRM, Sales, Customer Service System

Your email program can do much more than create and respond to emails. Your Tasks can be used for stunning follow-up – such as renewals, proposals, quotes, licencing, projects, committee assignments to name but a few. Contacts! Where do we begin? With the strategies you learn, you’ll create your own crm (customer relationship management) system for communication, sales, customer service. We cover Outlook 2007-2016.

Topics Covered will include

  • How you turn contacts into a superb database
  • Amazing functions hidden within Contacts
  • How to turn an email folder full of emails into a usable database
  • How to import and export Contacts
  • Flags vs. Tasks vs. Calendar reminders
  • Managing your calendar better
  • Using Tasks to manage a single follow-up through an entire workflow project
  • Never letting the ball drop with clever use of Tasks
  • Using Contacts correctly (most people don’t)

After this webinar you will be able to:

  • Turn contacts and tasks into your own customer relationship management program
  • Use Tasks to vastly improve sales; business development; customer service and project management;
  • Improved use of your calendar
  • Quick, effective email marketing
  • Do a personalised email merge