Search Folders in Outlook

Q What are search folders in Outlook?

Think of a Search Folder as a virtual folder. Some are pre-set for you: Large Mail. Unread Mail. For Follow up.  Just using large mail can help you immediately drop your inbox back to permissible size when you’re notified by I.T. you’re over the limit.

You can create a new search folder by setting any criteria – all emails with a word; a name; a certain phrase. An email address. It will gather and virtually show you all your emails meeting that criteria Search folders even includes deleted and sent items. The Search Folders are permanent (well at least until you delete them) and they grow in size and content as time passes and more emails meet your search criteria.

You might not think Search Folders are particularly exciting, but when you understand they help you see different groupings of your emails without changing their folder location (your organisation of them) in any way, you’ll be delighted with the concept. For example, if you wanted to see all the emails from the sports committee you’re on or messages from a co-worker in one place, without moving them, you could use a Search Folder to do this.

You’ll find your main Search Folder by looking under your Sent folder.