Six solid marketing ideas to steal from Graeme

Why not follow in the footsteps of Graeme Leigh, Senior Broker at The Mortgage Centre Rotorua? As he replied to me in an email here are six actions that helped him grow his business.

  1. Kept up a constant stream of regular e-mails to our existing database (created lists of clients for each different topic) which really are just excerpts from various lender’s Economic Reports. But the feedback has been excellent and clients have appreciated the contact and I have become a sort of interest rate “expert”
  2. Had a good look at our business and decided where we want to position ourselves and stuck to that. For example, we have made a company policy to NOT have any association with Kiwisaver. Not give advice, not accept Applications, not make comment. It’s just NOT US!!! And clients have appreciated that stance. We have told them we cannot be all things to all people.
  3. We have continued to run our Annual Charity Golf Tournament to raise funds for Epilepsy (which I have myself) My clients know that I have that condition, and I get tremendous support and look the “good guy”
  4. Continued to produce our quarterly newsletter and expanded on the range of topics covered in it to include some interior decorating tips, some lending case studies and a SuDoKu competition. We will also include Insurance Case Studies in future issues. I have made more changes to our business communication systems that might further interest you and are a further result of your Hamilton seminar way back.
  5. My PA’s role is carefully defined in that she completes ALL non income producing tasks. That ensures that I concentrate on all the income generating activities. Works so very well/!!!
  6. We now send SMS texts to clients updating progress towards their loan approvals. PS. We have just completed our Annual Accounts for the last financial year and have done brilliantly!!! PPS.  I was chosen as a Finalist for NZ Mortgage Broker of the Year for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Region and that was a nice accolade in itself.