Small changes. Big rewards

Technology changes. People don’t (often).

Look up
The internet with the new software (both free and paid for). This area is superb for sharing and communication flow. My way of thinking about   cloud computing is taking the collection and storage of your information (documents, email) from your desk where only you have access thus must act as postman and secretary  to instead having it overhead (so to speak) where your customers as well as you and other staff members can access it with permission from anywhere, anytime.

Look in your hand
There should be a smartphone or tablet in it for when carrying your laptop isn’t feasible. Why? Two reasons.

Convergence means that in your palm you hold over 17 different electronic devices rolled into one. Phone, Video, Camera, Stereo, Alarm clock, Flashlight, GPS (directions), maps, email, internet, computer.

APPS (applications) – there are over 900,000 in the iTunes Store alone. Marvelous little mini programs that are free or inexpensive to help you in any/every aspect of your business and personal life.

Look to your fingertips
The biggest boost to time management and improved customer service, profits and sales is simply learning the features that are built into the software that you have already purchased. By taking the time to learn and explore what is behind those menus or ribbons, you can literally free up weeks a year wasted puttering on the computer. Multiply that amoungst staff – you have savings in the thousands.