Targeting Your Communications Brings Success

Can your business emulate this success story?

He said “I’m a jack of all trades. My wife asked me to join her business as Practice Manager. The first thing I said to her was ”darling, you’ve got to put in a computer system and patient database”.  “Why, we’re doing okay” was her response.  I replied, “Because you’re leaving so much money on the table.”  One of the first things I did was change our forms so we could track where new patients came from. I started a newsletter with special offers and we started using the built in modules for email and text messaging our software had.  We were able to cut our no show and late factor by 49%.

One day while looking through our appointment book and I noticed a two week quiet period coming up.  I thought I would try to fill the gaps so I targeted non-compliant follow ups. These were patients who didn’t follow the suggestion to come in for their six month assessment after treatment as suggested.

I sent an email to 26 patients which generated 3 appointments; and a text message to 78 which generated an additional six.  This might not sound like much, but it only took one hour of my time, cost $12.80 for the txt messages yet it brought in over $500 in revenue. In my first year we doubled practice income.”

If your business is not taking advantage of the ease of getting new business from your customers, isn’t now the time to start?